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London Child Development Clinic (‘LCDC’) is a London-based independent clinic led by clinicians experienced in the field of complex needs and neurodevelopmental disorders. We provide an assessment and intervention clinic to children, families and schools, in addition to comprehensive training packages tailored to the individual needs of families and educational settings.

Clinical experience has led us to strongly believe that working with you as a team focused on your child and their individual needs, provides the best experience and outcomes for children with complex conditions.

LCDC is led by Jennifer Warwick, Speech and Language Therapist and Dr Rachael Eddershaw, Clinical Psychologist, collaborating with specialists in all areas including Pediatricians, ABA Consultants, Occupational Therapists, Specialist Teachers and Physiotherapists.


What we offer

Our aim is to provide a tailored service that considers your child’s unique set of strengths and difficulties rather than a common ‘one size fits all’ approach.  We are specialists in complex conditions and neurodevelopmental disorders and have broad comprehensive knowledge and skills that enable us to provide a robust, evidence-based service that benefits your child and your family as a whole.


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What people say

We have the pleasure of working with some amazing people. Here is what they have to say:

  • Jennifer was simply outstanding. Her qualifications and experience are second to none. But she brings so much more to her assessments: exemplary communication skills, an ability to forge key relationships quickly (e.g. With school). She quickly won the trust of my son, thereby enabling a very fruitful discussion. She is extremely diplomatic and always goes the extra mile. Her up to date understanding of legislation and Local Authority procedures made her insights doubly invaluable. We were so grateful to her in so many ways, not least her approachability and the way she remained available for follow up discussion and support. Ultimately her detailed recommendations were adopted by the Local Authority in full which is testament in itself. Thank you.
    — J's mum
  • It’s always a pleasure to work with Jenn. She is gentle, joyful and observes each child carefully whilst developing her knowledge of their strengths and needs. Jenn is always happy to create programmes in conjunction with specialist teachers who have stronger relationships with the child (due to the time spent with them) but less professional knowledge. The resultant programmes are fun, creative and based on resources tailored to the child’s motivations and interests. Whilst working through Jenn’s programmes children develop their confidence, social skills and their ability to begin to communicate whilst accessing the world around them.
    — Specialist teacher
  • Thank you so much for Eve's neuropsychological assessment report; it was brilliant. I have met with Eve's parents to discuss the content of your report and we have put in place all of your recommendations and strategies to support Eve with her dyslexia. I am pleased to report that she is making fantastic progress already both academically and socially. I also think that the acknowledgement of her social communication difficulties has been a big relief for Eve and we are going forwards with making a referral for her to be assessed for this.
    — Special Educational Needs Coordinator
  • I wanted to write to thank you for Jack's report. It has enabled us all to make so much more sense of Jack and for him to realise just how bright he is - one step closer to Sherlock as far as he's concerned! I was astonished at the level of Jack's intelligence and also at the difficulty he is having with his working memory - we had no idea, but it really helps to explain lots of things we, as a family, had observed about Jack. But now identified, we can work at finding the best ways to help him thrive and put that intelligence to work. Thank you for helping us.
    — Jack's mum

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